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This site contains news and events meaningful to The Orin Tribe of Chula Vista, CA.
Established 1998.

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BadComic-Con 2000: Goggleman was a no show for Comic-Con International 2000. Want to see more? Click here to see Spiderman. 07/22/2000

tileA walk along the bay: The image to the right is a tile on the County administration building plus Greenpeace comes to town. Here are a few pictures of their ship the Arctic Sunrise. Click here to view. 06/11/2000

gogglemanWho is Goggleman? Is this masked man a super hero or villain? What powers might he possess? Click here if you have the courage. 05/20/2000

whatWhat is this?: Click here to find out. 05/19/2000

Congratulations: Cristina Orin receives the 1999 Gayle McCandliss BRAVO Art Award from the City of Chula Vista Cultural Arts Commission. 05/07/2000

bottle Interested in digital photography? Visit Steve's DIGICAMS for camera reviews and Shutterfly to get your images printed. 09/04/2013

girlChicano Park: A few photos from Chicano Park. Click here 04/22/2000

girl Maria Cristina: Click here to see one very special person. 04/14/2000

PT Cruiser Pictures: Click here to see Ron in a PT Cruiser. Picture 1 Picture 2 This isn't his favorite color. 04/08/2000

Yell It Loud has added GPS to its growing line of software products. Currently one of the hottest growing software companies on the web Yell It Loud is expanding into every aspect of voice recognition.   Please participate in our poll to the right! This will help us expand our product line. 04/01/2000

Ron's PT Cruiser Fund: For all of you that made a pledge to Ron's PT Cruiser Fund it is time to pay up. Make your cash payments directly to Ron. Don't forget that GREAT wallpaper that came with becoming an Associate. Thanks to all those that had the courage to become members. 03/30/2000

Gas and Electric Building comes down. We hit the streets for the latest news. Click here to see pictures of the historic building coming down. 04/08/2000

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