Hike to Goat Canyon Trestle March 2002

Our goal was to hike to the Goat Canyon Trestle located in the Carrizo Gorge.  The Goat Canyon Trestle is the largest and tallest wooden trestle ever built.  Hiking along the SD & AE tracks is forbidden.  Hikers are permitted to only cross the tracks at right angles within the state park.  Our journey began 4.1 miles up Highway S-2 from Ocotillo.  Driving down an unsigned dirt road for 7.2 miles took us to our starting point.  Our first objective was to find the palm grove known as Mortero Palms.  We did not make it to the trestle. map
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Thursday March 28th it was overcast in San Diego, in the Laguna Mountains it was foggy and cloudy. In the desert it was chilly and windy.
Hikers: Andy, Zzzz, Ron
The hike started off easy but we soon realized there weren't any palms in the canyon we traveled down.  The southern canyon appeared to be closed off by large boulders so we headed north, up to the top of the ridge. cactus lost
Time to get out of the wind and study the map.  We decide to head back to the van and regroup
andy  Here we go back to the car.
rocks 2nd attempt

Going down the canyon did not work and going north did not work so we attacked the large boulders on the south side.
Large rocks again blocked our path.  We could not go over so we had to go up the canyon side and around.
tree Success!

We found the palm grove.
above wind We made it through the palm grove and started up the canyon wall.  Notice the palm grove below Ron.  (Click the image of Ron)  The wind and vertical boulders became too much and we decided to turn back.
It took some work but we slowly worked our way down the canyon and back to the palm grove.
track On the way out we stopped for one picture from the tracks that we crossed on the way in.
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